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11/10/15: Dear Reader:  I send you love and blessings.  We have probably no more than one year or 18 months left on this Earth as we know it.  Get right with your own God and tell your loved ones how much you love them.  This is the most important preparation I can think of.  Remember, there is no death!  We simply change form and live on.  This is an exciting time of ascension spiritually , and a time of renewal with our brothers and sisters from the stars.  This is the reason we are here.  Stand firm and show your magnificent Light.  Ann

10/29/12:  This feels like the beginning of the end to me.  How long this will last is

anyones' guess.  But we are not far from the Poleshift.  What is unknown at present is how much

interference and help we will get from our Galatic family. They are watching, contemplating and

deciding what their role should be at this time. We don't know what the extent of the support will be

from them.  Remember what is important.  Are we going to be Service to Self or Service to Other?

This is a great opportunity to grow spiritually.  Be a hero!   Help your fellowman.  You will never regret it.

Blessings to all and God Speed:





12/2/11   From time to time I will be adding to this blog.  Below is a great piece by Gordon James Gianninoto.  Ann




When I talk about poleshift, I am defining it as the complete separation of earth's crust from the core, and reattachment an hour later. The poleshift in 1650 BC was 15 degrees and the poleshift coming up in about a year or less or slightly more, will be over 90 degrees and make the new north pole off the present eastern tip of Recife Brazil. As the earth is continually trying to rebalance any previous adjustments, there are always ongoing earth changes; but none so strong or massive as the flyby of Planet X.

All the magnetic poles of the earth, all the other planets, the moons of planet size, and the sun, all face up. North is up. When a true pole shift occurs, that NEVER changes, but the crust separates and reattaches. So what you think of as the north pole of the earth, the arctic, is actually just the part of the crust that is above the north magnetic pole of the core. When the crust slides to a new position, the north pole of the core does not.

Other than that, the north magnetic pole wanders and meanders due to the roiling of the iron rich magma due to external conditions; but always remains 'up' except for these days, now. With the north magnetic pole of Planet X facing the earth's equator, the earth, crust and core, has started a wobble from which the earth always recovers except for the hour of pole shift. What is happening is that as the earth turns, the two north poles repel each other so the north pole is pushed away from the sun. But but as the Great Atlantic Rift, an iron rich magnetic attractant, turns to face the sun, Planet X pulls the north part of the rift down, as Planet X is south of the ecliptic by a slight amount. This always tips the north pole toward the sun and Planet X when the Atlantic Rift faces the sun. So this wobble is not random, but regular; repeating every day. That is why Texas and Russia; both equidistant from the Great Atlantic Rift, have had massive droughts which do not seem to go away.

Eventually, as PX approaches to 14 million miles, the closest it will come, the crust will stop rotating with the core, and break free of the core for one hour. One hour only, as poleshift only occurs when PX is accelerating out of the solar system. During that one hour, the Great Atlantic Rift will be facing Planet X.

The closest approach of PX, and poleshift only take one hour.

As gravity pushes, there will be no collision. Because of particle flows, gravity may be considered to be polar, like magnetism, but is pushing, not pulling. Rotation cancels gravity. There never is enough rotation of a planet to cancel gravity, and therefore, collisions between planets are extremely rare. This is why Planet X going counterclockwise around the sun from above, stopped the earth, the dark twin of earth and venus, going clockwise, in their orbits. What we have right now is a 'dance' where all 3 planets are trying to go by the bigger one, PX which is TRYING TO LEAVE.

To simplify the understanding, I left out some other things which can happen. Those things include the north pole laying over away from the sun for a period of 3-6 days of partial darkness in the northern hemisphere, and the sun doing little circles in the sky before setting in a new direction. All of these things are explicitly described in

I suggest that those who are interested in putting these things into images, go to a Radio Shack store and purchase two cylindrical stick magnets. You will, while playing with them, see that the two north poles repel each other. If you find suitable hollow balls, and run the sticks through the balls, you will have two mini planetary bodies. Then glue some steel washer to the surface of one. The washer will represent the Atlantic Rift, which is the earth's crust's greatest surface magnet. With some experimentation you will see that as the earth ball rotates and the PX magnet approaches horizontally, the earth ball will lurch momentarily when the washer faces the PX ball, but continue spinning, although slowing. When the earth ball stops, it will be with the washer/Atlantic Rift facing the PX ball. This means that all those on either coasts of the Atlantic Rift will actually see PX in the sky as PS occurs.

Those on the other side of earth will know when it happens, but not see it in the sky during that one hour. It will have an awful and fearsome appearance. Planet X is an inhabited, cloudy, atmospheric, oceanic, volcanic, planet trailing twin strands of rippling moons, trillions of rocks, and clouds of iron oxide dust. The open volcanic rifts on the surface of PX create a dull orange glow in its clouds, that some will say, incorrectly, that means it is a dwarf star. It is not a dwarf star, but the home of the selfish giants, the 12-16 ft humans who came to earth to mine gold and created us as slaves, and pretended, cruelly, to be gods. Unselfish ETs got so tired of that, that they, since the last poleshift, 3,657 years ago, have continually sabotaged every attempt of the Annunaki to land on earth since. They do not need to attack Annunaki ships, just fiddle with the electronics until they realized it was more than a fluke which was stopping them from being our gods returning. There are a few unselfish, service to other, Annunaki, but they are in the minority. Earth is graduating a class to another dimension, but they are not. Read about it in Zetatalk.

When PX, stands free of the sun so that all on earth can see it clearly without filters, mark your calendars. It will be exactly 50 days until poleshift.
Zetatalk has an exact timeline of the events of those 50 days [7.3 weeks during which all the earth will see PX in the sky]. No man knows the date those 50 days begin. Some inside information, thirdhand, suggests that it may occur at any time from this moment to somewhere in 2013. I repeat: No Man Knows The Date. Any dates given are guesstimates. Zetatalk has been very clear that 10/10 is poleshift and we are in 7/10 now, and have been for a year. It is thought, but not known, that 8/10 would be shorter, and 9/10 even shorter still, than the present 7/10.

The first three things that will happen as the crust separates from the core, reattaches, and Planet X speeds on by are:

1. Massive worldwide earthquakes in the 8 to 10 range; all volcanoes erupting and horrific sounds as lands rise or submerge; giant static sparks
go from earth to Planet X. New Zealand and New England will rise about 500 ft.; Florida and the UK will sink another 150 ft. lower. The crust
will stop turning, and wherever the sun is in the sky, and whatever stars are visible, will not rise and set. The rotation of the crust of the earth
will have stopped. Then when the crust reattaches, the sun will set in a new direction. The sun, planets and stars will rise and set in a new

2. Worldwide 600 foot tidal surge as oceans rush from the old equator to the old poles as the earth crust grinds to a stop [as the core continues
turning]. Then as the crust reattaches to the core with Recife Brazil as the NEW NORTH POLE, the oceans will rush from the old pole locations
to the new equator and then slosh from coast to coast for about a day.
Coastal mountain valleys, fjord like, will force the 600 ft. tidal surge to
heights up to 4 times higher, in excess of 2,000 feet in elevation

3. Worldwide falls of meteors and meteorites as boulders and rocks and iron oxide dust from the tail of Planet X. Death and destruction will
be random and widespread as will firestorms caused by red hot rocks hitting combustible material.

Zetatalk has complete worldwide discussions of safe areas. Please at least look at it, even if you cannot do anything about it at this moment.

Gordon James Gianninoto



12/03/11  Here is a good reminder about reporting down the EQ magnitude and dropping some EQ's from the record .  Taken from

Altering Earthquakes:
As of late, I have observed that USGS and EMSC are a bit lax on their reports of earthquakes. Sometimes not seeing anything reported for hours from the last update, or seeing periods of 90-200 minutes with no earthquakes in between. My question is, are they leaving swarms of earthquakes out of their reports, or there are actually periods of no earthquakes?
Greater than 90% of the earthquake activity is being altered by the USGS at present, which is under orders to prevent any clue being given to the public about the Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. Over a decade ago, the approach was to de-sensitize the live seismographs periodically, so the displays do not turn black worldwide, and to ignore the twice-a-day patterns showing up on these seismographs. Then any quakes that could be dropped were dropped. This was obvious to some who were watching the database manipulation. Quakes in the list would suddenly disappear. This was particularly the case where a quake happened in a remote location, or out in the ocean. Dumbing down the magnitude quickly followed, but in order to ensure the public did not notice, the USGS took control of all websites reporting quake statistics. At times, this control breaks, and discrepancies are reported to the public. Some countries rebel. Quake swarms are another source of control, as they pepper the databases with many quakes and skew the statistics, and thus are pulled from the database. Else the question is raised, why so many?
Will the USGS internet system be a reliable warning system for the European tsunami by registering on the net the New Madrid earthquake on the exact time it occurs?
It will not be a lack of information from the USGS that will be the point of confusion during the earthquakes leading up to the New Madrid adjustment, it will be knowing which quake is the big one vs the many minor quakes preceding it. The USGS downgrades almost all earthquakes, to prevent meaningful statistics from being generated from their databases. They also exclude quakes whenever they can, but this is unlikely to happen in the New Madrid area as it is in the center of a populated land mass. Thus you will have magnitude 6 quakes that will be called a 5.2, magnitude 7 quakes called a 6.1, and when a magnitude 8 or greater quake occurs, it will be called a 6.9.

We would advise that rather than watching the USGS quake statistics, that you watch the Earth changes. The adjustment that will incite the European tsunami will involve bridges on the Mississippi breaking, and being impassable. The land to the west of the Mississippi will drop so that the Mississippi will become 50 miles wide in the state of Mississippi. Watch for this. The New Madrid adjustment will be several large quakes of magnitude 8-9, though will be listed as a lesser magnitude. As the N American continent continues to unzip up to and along the Seaway, the quakes will be less than a magnitude 8 but very destructive to Cleveland and Toledo and Buffalo and the inland locks along the Seaway. Thus it is not what the USGS says that should be watched, but the condition of the bridges on the Mississippi, the impact on the cities along the Seaway, and whether the inland locks are reported as inoperable.


12/12/11:  It is so important that we all listen to our Spiritual Guides for information to survive this coming passage of Planet X.  Learn to meditate or just sit quietly and ask for direction. Follow your inner most "gut" feeling. Take this time also to let your loved ones know how much you love them and forgive and ask for forgivness.

Remember there is no death.  We simply discard this physical cloak and go on in our Light Body.  We will feel so free and light and all the problems of the physical body will be gone.  The only important thing now is to show and give Love.  We receive our greatest help when we help others.

We are about to be given a huge opportunity to show what great and majestic spiritual beings we really are. This is why we chose (or volunteered) to come to this Planet at this time. So step up and be the leading Light that you are.

Blessings, Ann


Astronauts reveal Alien presence.

Permalink Reply by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on Sunday 12/11/11

Dear Kamil !

Obviously, NASA are as scared stiff of maybe getting exposed as are so many other top-notchers... I´m sure you have noted that ZETAs answer to the present Bill to overrule the US Constitution reeks of FEAR...

So what to do ? Can they have another field day, throwing smut at someone they know is generally respected ? Well then, they´ll go ahead and take the chance, won´t they ?

Why don´t they pick on any of the US astronauts who´ve come forward with their personal disclosures of the alien presence and even alien-human interchanges ? Good questions, right ? But those questions, too, still go unanswered..

Here´s a shortlist

Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008

Nasa Response re: Edgar Mitchell interview on Kerrang Radio

aliens exist says buzz aldrin

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs


In the last of the examples, Cooper even mentions the letter of recommendation, a group of astronauts sent to Mr Kurt Waldheim, at the time, General Secretary of the UN... (1972-1981).

Why all the years of silence ??





A message to all members of Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

The magnitude of the quake that struck south-eastern Siberia late on Tuesday has been raised to 9.5, according to Russia's emergencies minister Sergey Shoigu. The quake is the strongest ever to be detected in the region he said. There have been no reports of damage or casualties since the tremor - initially reported as 6.7 on the Richter scale - struck a sparsely populated area in the Republic of Tyva near the Russian-Mongolian border. However Shoigu expressed doubts that there has been no damage at all and has ordered the authorities to stay on the alert for any aftershocks that may follow.
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With the approach of poleshift caused by Planet X aka the Winged Globe aka Nibiru, off to the side of the Sun as seen from Earth, the Great Atlantic Rift is being grabbed every day by the north pole of Planet X. Much as a fly hitting the front of a speeding train, the lurch is not noticeable, but it is separating the tectonic plates, which causes volcanoes to erupt at the borders of the plates, and in some cases, in the plates. Finally at pole shift, the crust will be absolutely held, while the core of the Earth continues to turn. As Planet X speeds by, it will pull the rift toward it, which will rotate the crust until one hour later, Planet X is too far away and lets go. When PX lets go, the new north pole of the earth will be off the east coast of the eastern tip of Brazil, off Recife, Brazil. The core, its rotation, and its north pole do not change. Instead, the crust comes loose, with an awful noise, and massive Richter 10 quakes, and like tissue paper on an orange, slides around until Recife is over the north pole of the core.

With Planet X being 4 times the size of the Earth, but with a magnetic field 23x the strength of the Earth's magnetic field, the magnetism of Planet X, only 30 million miles away, lost in the glare of the Sun, is causing the core, the iron core of Earth, to roil and puts it into turmoil, making it form waves that shift and slam internally to our crust. This last factor, and the separation of the plates on the surface, all promotes vulcanism.

Look at this list [below] of active volcanoes on the Earth right now. As you can see, about 35 of them are in the midst of major eruptions.

It is from this website:

You can bookmark this site and watch this list grow. And grow it will, as ALL volcanoes of the world will erupt before poleshift. At the present time we are in 7 out of 10, where poleshift is 10/10. Do not count on the Mayan Calendar for the date. It had to be translated into two different western calendars and is impossible that it is accurate. What we do know is that there is an event calendar. First Japan will be destroyed, then the New Madrid fault will go off, then a huge tsunami will sweep over the UK and take out Denmark and all of the Baltic lowlands. That will be the end of 7/10. Whether 8 and 9 out of 10 will be weeks, or months, no one knows.

Poleshift could occur this year or the beginning of 2013. No man knows the date. But we do know the process. From the moment Planet X becomes plainly visible in the skies, separate from the glare of the sun, there will be 50 days until poleshift. By then, the quakes will have destroyed every bridge, most roads, and most buildings. If you think about it, now is the best, and possibly the only, time for you to make changes for your survival.

[Continued below]

Europe and Atlantic Ocean:
Africa and Indian Ocean:
Aleutians, Alaska and North America:
Central America and Carribean:
South America:
Other regions:
Pacific Ocean:
Ring of Fire (Kurile Islands to Philippines):
=major eruption =erupting =minor activity / eruption warning =unrest


This is a NATURAL event caused by the return of Planet X every 3,657 years. It has been doing that for millions of years, causing lesser or greater poleshifts every time. This time will be one of the worst or possibly the worst poleshift of all. Although many people who have a spiritual leaning think it is caused by galactic alignment, or alignment with stars, or possibly graduation to another level, possibly ascension; it is none of those things. It is simply the return of a huge planet through the solar system trailing hundreds of moons, clouds of iron oxide dust, and trillions of rocks, boulders and clouds of gravel. The effect on Earth depends on how close PX comes, and this time it will approach to about 14 million miles. It will appear almost as large as the full moon. It will be trailing its tail, twin strands of moons, rocks and dust, 5 million miles long. As the poleshift, total one hour in duration, ends, the Earth will be swept by the tail of Planet X. Moons will not hit us, but expect showers of rocks, gravel and dust for up to 3 days. Many of them will be large enough to make it to the surface of the Earth as red hot cinders which will cause unimaginable damage from fires. Fires will already be raging when gas lines separate, and fuel tanks crack and burst, and for that reason, cities are not a good place to be. Also as cooking fires are spread by earthquakes collapsing buildings, the risk of fire at any location is not to be underestimated.

Perhaps the most important feature of pole shift is that as the Earth rotates, the oceans accumulate at the equator. Then as the crust stops turning, the water wants to go back to the poles, which it will. But then, as Planet X releases the Earth from its grip, all the water at the old poles will rush toward the new equator. This will cause a worldwide tidal surge 600 feet high. As most of the population of the world lives in sea level cities in coastal locations, billions will die from that alone. All governments will collapse, all grids will be down, all satellites swept from the skies by rocks, and all banks and economies will evaporate. Those who survive will do so away from the cities, in survival farming communities much like the lifestyles of the Amish and the Shakers.

The elite, the wealthy, the powers that be, the leaders, the governments, the scientists, have all known this would happen for at least the last 60 years. Originally they hoped to survive on the Moon or Mars, and return when the dust settles, to become KINGS OF THE EARTH. Now they know they cannot do that. But they have spent the last 20 years draining the world of its resources so they could survive. In the US, they have built huge underground bases in two places for what they hope will be the carry on government in the aftertime. The two places are underground in Denver, where the US government is already moving agencies, and Kokimo, Indiana where there are huge underground storehouses of food and supplies. FEMA just purchased ONE BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FREEZE DRIED FOOD and put it underground in Kokimo. Eye witnesses told me the line of tractor trailers stretched to the horizon waiting to unload. Just as the feudal system has kings and lords, bureaucrats, state and federal employees expect their care will continue into the aftertime, much as minor Lords would expect the King to protect them. But they have a major surprise awaiting them. Like you, they are expendable, and there will be no assistance, or rescue. This is why YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW.

It is possible that, with all the volcanoes going off, the skies of most of Earth will not clear for 40 years. First the tidal surge will come in at 600 feet, then subside. But then, with a new north pole, all the ice in the world will be in the wrong places. Right now the ice is melting from underneath, as the core heats the crust. This is NOT global warming as Al Gore and Michael Moore would have you think. They speak of CO2 in the atmosphere, but the truth is that 1000 years ago, with no people and no industry, CO2 levels were several magnitudes larger than today. No, the ground is heating up, as the magma is in turmoil and heating the ocean bottoms and the ground under glaciers. After pole shift, all the ice will melt. This will take 2 years. In that time, the ocean sea level will increase by 6" each and every tide, until the new sea level is 700 feet above the present level. Maine and New Zealand, having been held down by glaciers, will rise about 450 feet, and Florida and the UK will sink an additional 150 feet at poleshift. New land will arise in the south Atlantic, and other lands will disappear. The Pacific will narrow, and the Atlantic widen. Every volcano on Earth will erupt and the skies will be leaden with water vapor from melting ice, and dust from volcanoes including all the heavy metals. In some locations, the stars will not be seen again for 40 years. But there will not be an ice age. There will be clouds and drizzle and dust. Now you see why record keeping goes to hell at poleshifts. Information wise, it has been like mankind has had to start over every 3,657 years. But this time, after poleshift, there will be open contact with extraterrestrials and they will help rebuild the Earth, and not in any way that resembles what is wrong with this world.

So this is a natural event, foretold by many, as best they could, from the Old Testament, to the Book of Revelation, to prophecies from Mother Shipton, 500 years ago, to Edgar Cayce to others alive today. But with the selfishness of the elite, it is a battle between good and evil. It is a test of the soul, a test of orientation to service to others or service to self. The last poleshift, 3,657 years ago is described in the Old Testament, Joshua, Chapter 10. And that was a minor 15 degree shift, not the over 90 degree shift we are about to have.

If that were all there is to the story, that certainly would be enough. As an eternal soul, you have been born, lived and died, many times. In fact, many of those alive today have died in previous poleshifts caused by Planet X. But what is the point of being an eternal soul and being reborn, over and over? The point is that you are creators in training, and each lifetime involves choices, intentions, and behaviors with consequences. You chose to forget you already know: everything, and in living with karma, you are slowly realizing that to progress, you have to make the correct orientation decisions. The universe has many levels of consciousness, existence, and life. If this is a third dimensional world, the point is to advance to being part of the next level up, the fourth dimension. What many of my readers but not all know, is that the unselfish extraterrestrials are based mainly on the next level up. Much as ghosts are lower level spirit beings who never resolved their personal issues and cannot be seen, fourth dimensional ETs are higher level spirit beings who have resolved their personal issues and care deeply about everyone else, including you and me. Most people cannot see them either. As hard as it is to believe this, there are more unselfish ETs on Earth than people, right now. They are here to help those of us who respond, make it through this poleshift, having made the choice to be service to other.

Why would that be? The reason is that Earth is a famous school of learning, known across the universe, and the Earth itself wants to become a 4th dimensional planet. And it will. But for the first time ever in the universe, a planet with living creatures will become a fourth dimensional planet. Right now about 35% of the entire population of Earth has made a choice to be unselfish. As the selfish die out, and they will, as not one selfish soul will be allowed to be born after poleshift, the Earth will reach a point when 90% of the population alive will be unselfish. The change to the 4th dimension will occur about 100 years after poleshift when that happens. THIS IS THE MEANING OF THE PHRASE THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH.

The US government contacted selfish ETs, and for that reason, disclosure of sordid government and selfish ET activities will never happen. But unselfish ETs from across the universe have gathered here, now, to slant the results of this poleshift toward success. It is the same 'up there' as down here, selfish and unselfish. But the unselfish are here to guide us to a new world where on the 4th dimension the Earth will be in open contact with unselfish ETs and all who have earned the right, whether dying in poleshift or not, will be reborn into a new hybrid 100% human race with lives of 400 years, and IQs of 300, who will be capable of telepathy. So we have a world dying now of the strangulation by the selfish, and we have to have a really big broom to sweep away the old to make room for the new. Planet X is the instrument of the tribulation. It is not a spiritual event, but an opportunity for spiritual growth. Time is short, this is your spiritual test.

Volcanoes, increased UFO sightings, political upheavals, earthquakes, wild weather, are all signs of what is to happen physically. But the most important events are spiritual. Are you more concerned with your possessions than other people? If so, you have taken the wrong path. You will either be reborn as a 3rd dimensional sea creature with no possessions to confuse you, or, if you have chosen selfishness, you will be reborn on a prison planet where everyone is more selfish than you. You see, in the third dimension, selfish and unselfish are mixed, and they share planets. At the next level up, selfish and unselfish have their own planets. At the level above that, all is one. There are infinite levels all the way back to the creator level. In fact, some previous civilizations are so far advanced that they exist only as a thought in space, and can materialize anything anywhere at any time. At those levels, they can choose to merge back with the creator, but instead, like Jesus, stay behind to help their brothers and sisters on the way, in any manner they can, except for controlling others. Those who do not get the point, and have neither made a choice to be selfish or unselfish, will remain as sea creatures on other third dimensional planets, but not Earth, until they too make the correct orientation choices.

So, we are about to have poleshift, a natural recurring event, but it is coincident with a spiritual test, and a graduation for those who pass. In the new world coming, we will be known as THE EXPLORER RACE, and we will build a fleet of interstellar space ships and move out into the universe to unify all the other worlds who have missed the point or made the wrong choices. People representing every problem never resolved in the universe, volunteered to be born on Earth to resolve those problems. And they did. And our future is to take that knowledge and spread it far and wide. Fourth dimensional ETs, spirit guides, and angels have slanted this entire event for success. Over one billion people of those alive today are star children who incarnated here today to make sure that Earth becomes a fourth dimensional planet.

So study the increase of volcanic action, notice the increase of UFO sightings, and make you own spiritual choices carefully. If you only live another 5 minutes, make sure you spend that time helping others. Possessions, economies, positions, are all illusions that lead you away from what is truly important. I have attached some photos of Planet X and its position so that you can get a perspective on the reality of this.

For those who wish to know more, please go to the following websites and start reading:

For 17 years, a woman in Wisconsin, Nancy Lieder, has taken questions from the public and asked them to unselfish human ETs, the Zetas, and telepathically received the answers and written them out and posted the information on Zetatalk. Poleshift.ning is where you can join and ask your own questions. One word of warning: they will not answer any question that has been asked before. If you have a question, use the internal Google search engine on Zetatalk to find if it has been answered. There are 39,000 web pages of information there, and the probability is that any question you might ask has been asked before. There will be NO answering of personal questions.

You can have your own contact with the unselfish ETs by asking them for contact. Depending upon your awareness, the answers might be actual telepathic thoughts, to subconscious guidance. But there is a rule that they cannot help you unless you make the request. You can do this right now. I know that there are divisions in families over this. I know that some of your own families, friends and coworkers will disagree with you. They will say that if this is really happening, the government would have told us! I can tell you that there is only a small chance that this will be announced. Unselfish ETs are working to make sure that the public be informed, but as the media is controlled by the elite, there is no guarantee that it will be. In any event, the sooner you move to safe areas and start your new life, the better off you will be.

May God bless and keep you all.

In the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the dragon, and Planet X will look like a harbinger of doom, a huge red eye with a rippling serpentine tail. This will absolutely shock some people, but not you. Planet X is an atmospheric, oceanic, volcanic planet inhabited by selfish humans who are banned from coming here. Huge volcanic rifts glowing orange make the clouds that surround it appear red. But it is NOT a dwarf star. It is an inhabited planet and the people on it are, according to the Sumerians, the Annunaki. They will have nothing to do with us in this scenario. Their planet is headed back out into space soon, and even they do not know the day. In 3,657 years it will return from its turn around the dead twin star of the Sun, but we on Earth will be 4th dimensional and invisible to them. This is the last poleshift.


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JANUARY 22, 2012
3/10/12   Dear Reader:  Here is another great article by Gordon. Dynamite photos !!  Ann

Ancient Egyptian ET Carving and a Modern Canadian Coin Showing ET Hybrid

Gordon J. Gianninoto's picture


Well here it is, more proof that Nancy Lieder's Zetatalk,  is right about everything. For me, the at least 2,000 year old bas relief carving in Egypt of a Zeta is knock-em-dead proof they have been here a long time. Are there two mummies -- one a hydro-cephalic child, and the other an adult Zeta? That is not clear at all. But the carving is of a ZETA. With that alone, you should be speechless.


But the Canadian government has sidestepped the worldwide coverup orchestrated by the US Government, by actually issuing a $20 silver coin showing the 100% human unselfish ZETA hybrid [wearing a hooded down jacket, no less], in a canoe touching his Native American ancestor's reflection in a lake. The Zeta HYBRID is real, the native reflection shows the link to the past. As ZETATALK has stated many times, all governments, religions and economies will collapse at poleshift, but the unselfish ZETAS will build high tech domed cities to take in unselfish people. Canada, with all of it vast lands, is inviting the Zetas to set up in Canada after the poleshift. And with the new north pole being offshore of Recife, Brazil, Canada, all of it, will be a temperate land much to be desired as a new frontier. This coin essentially says 'Screw the US government and the horse they rode in on, we read Zetatalk, we know this is all real, and Canada plans to be in the forefront of the poleshift aftertime, with open ET contact.'

And then there are the Chinese with enough to worry about that they have decided not to spend one more minute covering up ETs, UFOs, and ETs on the Moon. You would never see NASA intentionally releasing photos showing alien artifacts on the Moon or Mars. So here is the latest satellite photo of the Moon taken by the Chinese Chang'e-2 satellite showing a huge collection of buildings, apparently of industrial size, on a slope on the Moon.


Doesn't this photo essentially say 'Screw the US government and the horse they rode in on, we read Zetatalk and we know all this is real and we are showing that the CHINESE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE TRUTH'

So, the always free newsletter from ZETATALK which arrived today, dated tomorrow has the following descriptions with links. I took the liberty of going to the links and snipping the images. Seeing them makes it EASY TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND that what I, and they, have been saying and writing about for years is true

Also, I am referring to a film of real ZETAs, from a video anonymously released by insiders in the US government, showing a real ZETA in CAPTIVITY. This Zeta blinks his eyes and appears kind and empathetic. Note that predators glare, and this being is the exact opposite of that. Read all about the 100% human ZETAs in ZETATALK. And read about how our and their new race is the best of both: hybrids with IQs of 300+, telepathic, sexual, emotional, kind, empathetic, and all the open contact with the technology and wisdom of the rest of the universe when the earth moves up in vibration, or frequency, or dimension after the poleshift





HERE are the video of Zetas, and clever images of hybrids by David Dees.




It is time to acknowledge all of this is real. Almost every prophecy of the future includes descriptions of the 'NEW' race. Up until now, no one had any particular idea of what the 'new' race might look like. Remember, these are your souls born into newly created bodies. Ok, that is shocking, but is it really more shocking than learning we, earth humans, were bred from apes and selfish human giant ETs to be gold mining slaves who are defective, intentionally? Read the first page of the first book of the BIBLE and explain what that is talking about! Then read Zecharia Sitchin's books and you will know. Remember: NOTHING is as you were taught in school. You have been lied to, intentionally

Nancy Lieder worked with David Dees to create these images to show the hybrids as they might look. Zetas have taken DNA from every race on earth, and therefore there will be as much population diversity as you find looking around you right now before the shift.



MY DREAM----3/6/12

On Mar 6, 2012, at 9:15 AM, anneller8@aol.comwrote:


I was in a building with many floors on a rocky beach.  Holly ( my older daughter) was there with someone who reminded
me of a really tall basketball player.  Lots of other people milling around.
I looked out a window and saw water rising over the beach and rocks and started yelling for everyone
to see.  It steadily and quietly kept rising as I frantically ran from window to window clear to the other side
of the building.  I was terrified and knew that this was it.  We were all going to drown ---there was no way
we could escape this.  The water level was now over the rocks and lapping at the building.
Higher and higher it rose.  Others didn't seem to be concerned---they didn't know that this was caused
by Planet X and "why wasn't I told about this before?"
As the water came into the building I saw animals coming up out of the water too.  Ancient animals like the
Mammoth etc heading for the building.  I seemed to know that this was the last sign that the end times had
arrived.  Reminded me a little of Noah's Ark.
As the water came crashing in the bldg I frantically looked for someone to hang on to and there were 2
strangers one on each side of me.  I woke up.  Later back to sleep and dreamed the same scenario.
When I woke up I was very shaken and upset.
MARCH 22, 2012
Last night I had a dream of living in the desert but the ocean
waters had risen so high and come so far that it was beginning
to flood my backyard. I remembered the prior dream of the ocean
rising and coming into the multi level building I was in.
The Sunrise Center and Meg were also there, I think. So it was
in the setting of Sedona.


Woke up about 5:30 AM and looked out at the night sky still very
What does this mean?  The Earth wobble due to the closeness of
Planet X has become more violent and extreme.


Pay attention to your dreams and intuition now.
April 26, 2012
Dear Readers:
I have felt a great sadness lately. I'm not sure why. However many Light Workers are experiencing
a sense of loss or futility.  I have to admit that there have been many times that I wanted to call
it quits and throw in the towel. I want to go home. I am nearly 76 years old now and have been
charging with the Light Brigade for a very long time. I have lived the Mission----waking humanity up
to our spiritual nature and to the fact that we are surrounded by benevolent aliens who are here to assist our
spiritual ascension and tp help in the  trauma that the Earth will experience with the passage of Planet X (Nibiru).
There are days when I don't feel that we have made a dent .  But then I meet a 90 year old lady who
throws her arms around me and says she knows me from the galactic ship up there at night and she
loves me.  So this message is for all of us who are here on a Mission of Light.
It is wonderful, it is beautiful, and the Mission shall be completed as designed.  We are NOT alone.  Our
families and brothers and sisters from the Stars are here and they are helping us every step of the way.
We must keep on keeping on.  One foot in front of the other.  See that mundane job as a glorious opportuity
to discover a new soul that needs your wisdom.  This life will be over soon enough.  Do all that you can now in
this moment and you will reap the rewards in the after-life.
I love you all and think you are so awesome. You are great Warriors and Goddesses!  Give yourself a break
and as a Psychic told me this week, "Lighten up !"  "Play" and have some "Fun".  Nurture your sense of humor.
Laugh until you cry and give yourself a hug.
Blessings and Love,
This week I have felt a profound "homesickness".  I am ready for this Mission to be completed !
So, we must be nearing the end of all this turmoil and strife. But, before it's over we have great
upheavals to get through.  It is time to fasten your seatbelts and brace yourslef for the onslaught.
Have Faith that it will all turn out the way it was planned.  Keep a vision of the "homeland" before
you and know that we are being supported by all those who stayed behind.